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Young Professionals University

An event made possible by a generous donation from

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What's Next?

Young Professionals University is an annual event hosted by HAULYP that prepares students for life after high school. Whether the path is college, trade school, starting to work immediately, entrepreneurship or something different, we want our students to have the tools they need to succeed.


Did we mention we're giving away over $2000 worth of prizes?!


All Houston-area high school students are encouraged to attend, no matter what school or grade.


Join the fun! It's not just for the students, there is valuable information for guardians as well. As your student transitions, you will too.


Donate your time and talents to this amazing event! We will need your help to make the day run smoothly.

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This university will give you skills for your life, not just for school. We want to move you from just educated to empowered.

Give us your Saturday, and we'll give you all of this and more:

  • College and Career Planning

  • Study Strategies

  • Financial Aid Information

  • Motivation and Encouragement

  • How to earn and manage money

  • Find your purpose

  • Learn how to be fearless

  • Branding yourself

  • Deal with cyber-bullying

  • Opening the door to entrepreneurship


Here are some of the really dope prizes you can win:

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