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The Urbanist Unfiltered

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The Houston Area Urban League Young Professionals has it's very own original podcast! YP members Stephanie Bension and Chris Chavis along with Political Correspondent Quentin R. Jiles discuss what’s going on in the Urban League, current events, and many other fun topics! Whether the conversation is a deep dive into societal issues or a much-needed laugh, you’ll definitely be engaged with these three. We encourage you to listen and share with your friends. New episodes premiere every first Tuesday of the month! 


Stephanie is a Marketing Maven, professional Public Speaker, and advocate for Ostomy awareness.

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Chris is a Community Development Manager for the Houston Metropolitan Area.


Quentin is a licensed Master Social Worker and seasoned political commentator.

The Urbanist Unfiltered (2020-2021) is produced by HAULYP Member Jaz Daigle.
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