Movement 360

Our organization's M360 is a fast track program designed to get our member acclimated by providing multiple opportunities to serve on three or more different committees.


There are two ways to serve:

  1. Concurrent Term

  2. Consecutive Terms

Concurrent Service:

Gives you the opportunity to serve on 3 committees for three months total. 

I.E. Jeremy chooses to serve on the 3 different committees, at the same time, from February 1st to April 1st. Upon completion, he will be pinned at the April General Body Meeting.

Consecutive Service:

Gives you the opportunity to serve on 1 committee, each month, for three months total.

I.E. Clara chooses to serve on her first chosen committee in February, moves to her second chose committee in March, and wraps up her service through her third chosen committee in April. Upon completion, she will be pinned at the April General Body Meeting.

If you have already started this program or would like to start, please enter the following information below.

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Are you committed to contributing to 3 consecutive or 3 concurrent months of strengthening HAULYP through committee engagement?
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We are an auxiliary group of the Houston Area Urban League. Our mission is create a positive impact in the local Houston community through service and advocacy. 

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