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Thank You! 👏🏾

Thank you for volunteering to be spotlighted for our #IAmHAULYP campaign!


This is an initiative designed to share the value of HAULYP using the testimonials of our current members. We will also encourage current members to update their profiles and make sure they’re getting the full value of their HAULYP Membership. This campaign will be a complement to #ThisIsHAULYP.


How will you be featured?


We will create a 1-minute promotional video featuring you! You will answer the question, “Why are you a member of HAULYP?” and end with our infamous tagline, #IAmHAULYP.


What’s next?


1. Fill out the short form below.

2. Select a time to record your video with our PRM team. They will guide you during a virtual session and make sure you’re ready for your close up!


Thank you for all that you do and we look forward to recognizing you publicly!

Member Information

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