President's Message

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On behalf of the Houston Area Urban League Young Professionals, it is my great honor and privilege to greet you as the 10th President of this amazing organization. 

For the past 19 years, HAULYP has been the tip of the spear in an effort to increase advocacy, fundraising, and direct service to our affiliate, the Houston Area Urban League (HAUL). 

In that time, we have moved the needle on educational policy, criminal justice reform, affordable housing, economic growth and health & wellness awareness.

This year we supported HAUL’s 50th Anniversary through our efforts to help raise over $1.2 million dollars at the Equal Opportunity Day Gala. Those efforts were supported by our financial contribution of over $25,000. This chapter has developed numerous leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors while simultaneously boasting several graduates of local and national leadership programs. Our members are entrepreneurs, educators, healthcare professionals, C-suite executives, philanthropists, politicians, and recent college graduates. In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, these same members rose to the occasion by providing over 14,000+ hours of service to the Houston community.

As we journey towards our 20th anniversary, HAULYP aims to re-energize our Culture of Giving and Awareness through the following goals:

  • Launch Road to Twenty – $19.99 Monthly Giving Campaign

  • Increase affiliate service hours by 25%

  • Certify 50% of members as Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars

  • Increase membership retention and male recruitment

  • Qualify 50+ members for NULYP Awards

  • Implement Master Class professional training series

The bar has been set high but we are the standard of excellence. 


- President Deion Dorsett