September Small Business Spotlight

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AT EGO FITNESS STUDIOS, we believe that having a healthy ego is a necessary element in reaching your fitness goals. That’s why we take pride in BOOSTING EGOS with our specially crafted fitness classes that cater to men, women and children.

We offer personal training sessions as well as small-group training classes for people of all fitness levels.  We even offer Open-Gym Memberships with perks such as FREE Meal plans, fitness assessments and Powerades.

All classes and training sessions are instructed by CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS consisting of professional athletes, professional athlete trainers and experienced fitness professionals. To top it off, our lead trainer and Studio Manager is a functioning, healthy, fit DIABETIC who takes pride in guiding other diabetics to a healthier lifestyle!

Our signature class, “BOOST,” is made up of circuit workouts specially suited to target the upper and lower body each day.  You can lose up to 50 lbs in ONLY 4 months with this program and begin seeing results in just ONE WEEK!  We also offer, Kick Boxing, Pilates, Spin, Women-Only & Pole Fitness classes, Nightclub Cardio and Zumba, to give you some variety in your workout!

EGO FITNESS STUDIOS welcomes the whole family to get fit and stay in shape.

Alfred Malone and CeCe Baskett are the owners of Ego Fitness Studios.  Alfred Malone is a professional football player who has played for the Houston Texans, Greenbay Packers and now the UFL team–Las Vegas Locomotives.  Staying in shape has been a career for Malone and with this being the case, he has studied the ins and outs of what it takes and how important it is to be physically fit.  Not just for his career but for his own health.  CeCe has been an athlete since the 5th grade and played sports up until college.  CeCe too understand and recognize the need to stay and shape and maintain my health.  That has been an important factor in CeCe’s career as well.  Being in shape makes you look better.  When you look better you have a healthy ego.  Having a healthy ego makes you think better, perform better and enjoy life.  This is the message we want to send to the community.  In addition, CeCe’s brother, Demetryst Cornish was the biggest inspiration for starting this gym.  He has been a diabetic for over 20 years and has maintained it successfully by working out, eating right and having a positive attitude about life.  Many people struggle with their weight due to diabetes, low self esteem, etc. and we wanted to show them there is a way out.  That’s why we decided to be more of a hands on gym to show people we care about their well being and are here to help.


 Contact EGO Fitness at 713-776-1100 or visit their website